Desktop shortcut not work!

There are hundreds of examples for minimizing Air Application to system tray. Of course application does not minimize itself to the system tray, it just changes its visibility to “false“. So you can change visible property from tray icon native menu or by clicking-double clicking. If you follow traditional procedures you will see that when 

Devamını oku……

Adobe Air auto-update Error# 16820 solution

For auto-update feature of my air application, I prepared everything perfectly  : Used ApplicationUpdaterUI for updater, Published an application which had a same version number written in update.xml and upload it to the server. Gave correct path  for updated-air file on the server. Install an old version of application to my PC.

First Post!

Hi world:) In my blog I’ll try to share my experiences about Adobe Flash – Adobe Flex and Adobe Air applications. My posts do not include any line of code from my company’s projects. They will be the just the reflections of my freetime experiments.