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Using Button in ExpandableListView

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While you are trying to use Button in your ExpandableListView’s rows you can face that rows are not clickable anymore!
Don’t panic as me and set “android:focusable” property of Button as “false”.

Showing flash objects in WebView

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When I tried to show a web page in Android, I faced with a black screen since web page contained Flash content. After googling I found the easy solution. Just add a single line to application tag in your manifest file.

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Using Android library projects in custom builds

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Android Library Projects are quite useful when you want to use your assets/resources in multiple projects.(about library projects)

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How to open another application from current application on Android? – Different Approach

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Opening  an application from your own application is simple and you can find the solution everywhere like this :

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How to close Android application when back button clicked?

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The question and the answer is easy. Catch the back button and write finish() to close the application. But it may not work in some cases.
I faced with one of this cases and found a different approach. To use onBackPressed method you have to use Android 2.2 and higher. Hope this also helps to you.

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ReadyO is online for Android devices!

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I have worked a lot on Flash/Actionscript but for couple of weeks I only concentrate on Android and its native language.

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PB Freekick is on air!

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Up to now I’ve developed many flash games for websites and they’ve played over 50M all over the world. Don’t you believe me? Take a look at these games : game1 , game2 .

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How to load Flex4 swf files into Flex3 application or vice versa?

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I think the title of the post explains the problem :) Loading a swf file into a Flex project is simple : SWFLoader !
I made a project by Flex4SDK and got the swf output named as LoadMe.swf . Then I tried to load LoadMe.swf file into my Flex3 project by this line of code :

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How to install Adobe Air applications on Android Emulator?

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Everyone is talking about Adobe Air on Anroid devices, but the answer to the question  “How can I test my application without buying an android device?” is not very clear. There are many air applications working on real devices but I could not find a specific tutorial working on emulator and decided to write a brief one :)

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Adobe Certified Expert now! (Flex3 with Air)

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Today I passed ACE Flex 3 with Air Exam and I can say that it is really hard!  I accept I didn’t study so much but now I strongly recommend you to study every subject in details. Although my job is about flex development, I’m sure nearly 15 questions are about the subjects I’ve never met. Of course passing this kind of an  exam gave me an excellent feeling  :)

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