Adobe Air auto-update Error# 16820 solution

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For auto-update feature of my air application, I prepared everything perfectly  :

  • Used ApplicationUpdaterUI for updater,
  • Published an application which had a same version number written in update.xml and upload it to the server.
  • Gave correct path  for updated-air file on the server.
  • Install an old version of application to my PC.

And  took that annoying message : There was an error downloading the update. Error# 16820. After googling, only thing that I found was error code explanation! Of course many suggestions like control your update xml, control your air file etc. but they did not solve my problem. Then I explored an interesting thing. It was all about my hosting :)  Try this:

  • Copy your updated version air application link into your browser,
  • If  it does not show you download screen and says “page cannot be found” it means your server is not the best place to upload your file.
  • For downloading updated version you have to give direct link for application. Try and give your link as:***/*****/**.air

Then problem solved. Happily update your Air application :)

One trick : Look at your files properties in your FTP program and control CHMOD properties :If you cannot change public execute property, it is time for you to upload it to another place ;)

5 Comments to “Adobe Air auto-update Error# 16820 solution”

  • Yea, i had the same problem. Now everything is good! Thank you for the article!

  • I know I’m late in the feed, however just in case someone runs into this issue and ends up here. The reason that the update errors with #16820 and you cannot download the .air application from your server when trying to directly access the url is that the MIME type needs to be set on the server. If you have access to your web.config file just add this:

  • the file sited is no longer there. need solution for 2012. instructions need to be detailed for a newby to follow. thanks

  • air update will not load 16820 why? Win 7

  • Thank you, it works. Simple tiny stuff, but yet easy to miss it.

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