UIRefreshControl in UIViewController – Swift

If you use UITableView in a UIViewController, you can set a refresh control as following :

Set initial controller dynamically in Swift

You can set your initial controller in AppDelegate.swift.

textCapSentences not working?

If you tried every solution to capitalize the first letter in EditText but it doesn’t work, be sure that your “Auto Capitalization” settings is checked on keyboard settings. If not, you do not have any chance to make it work.

Using Button in ExpandableListView

While you are trying to use Button in your ExpandableListView’s rows you can face that rows are not clickable anymore! Don’t panic as me and set “android:focusable” property of Button as “false”. Enjoy!

Showing flash objects in WebView

When I tried to show a web page in Android, I faced with a black screen since web page contained Flash content. After googling I found the easy solution. Just add a single line to application tag in your manifest file.